BMB Home Speaker

Why BMB Speakers?

BMB home speakers are a top choice at MB Karaoke due to its durability and high quality. Find out the many functionalities of BMB home speakers now.

1. Powerful Output

BMB home speakers are equipped with big power transistors that have excellent output power which produces ideal recovery effect and perfect hearing effect.

2. Built-in Feedback Reducer

Built-in feedback reducers can solve the problem of microphone howling in indoor and outdoor environments and prevent howling.

3. Built-in Protective Circuit

We get it, when it comes to jamming out with your best friends, it can go on for hours, but karaoke machines and speakers can get overheated. However, you don’t have to worry about any damage to your speakers since BMB home speakers come with a protective circuit that gets activated during a case of overheating to protect the speaker from any damage. Get Your Karaoke Speakers from MB Karaoke

Get Your Karaoke Speakers from MB Karaoke

Have you eyes on a set of BMB speakers? MB Karaoke is the right place to get them! Whether you host parties on the regular or simply love to sing along to your favourite songs to unwind after a hectic work week, MB Karaoke has the ideal home karaoke set for you.

Head on down to our showroom to test out our speakers and karaoke machines today! Simply get in touch and we will make the arrangements for you.

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Why Choose Our
Professional Karaoke Systems

Quality Assured

MB Home Karaoke is the market leader for karaoke system in Singapore since 1998. We have since innovate traditional karaoke to a simplified user-friendly home karaoke system. Our products are tested with the highest standards of quality with stringent quality control before reaching the homes of our customers

Free Lifetime Updates

Updates for MB Home Karaoke products are cloud-based and can be updated via internet for free. All MB Home Karaoke products are designed and assembled in Singapore. In addition, our software runs on our MB Home Karaoke Cloud Network for a smooth karaoke experience at home.

3 Years Warranty & After-Sale Service

MB Home Karaoke products comes with 3 years warranty and Full After Sales Service Support for a worry-free karaoke experience.

0% Interest Monthly Instalment

Good news that we provide 0% Interest for Monthly Instalment, our Installment Plans are based on 12 Month Basis and you can apply from any DBS / POSB / UOB / AE or OCBC banks.

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Check our products & promotion packages now and save yourself from all the hassle of thinking and just start singing! Free feel to call us for consultation.