5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Make Karaoke A Hobby

Singing is an age-old tradition known to bridge gaps between people and soothe human emotions.  Unknown to many, singing not only brings entertainment but also health benefits that are scientifically proven.  Next time you host a home karaoke session, make sure to pack your karaoke set with songs for both young and old because you’re bringing five health benefits to your guests, whether they know it or not. 

1. Stress Reliever 

According to a study, singing can regulate our mood, stress, cortisol, and neuropeptide activity.  Simply put, the process of singing along at a karaoke home entertainment session can shift our psychological state to promote positive mental wellness.  

Whether you are enjoying a home karaoke session by yourself or with a group of friends, the process of singing can easily lower your cortisol and bring you into a deeper state of relaxation.

2. Improves Mood & Overall Wellbeing

When we sing, we trigger endorphin release, which in turn improves our mood and lifts our spirit. Harvard Medical School also found that just by singing two songs, a person’s blood pressure can drop significantly. Even preoperative hypertension patients who were unresponsive to aggressive pharmacologic interventions can experience a dramatic drop in blood pressure after singing!  Evidently, the process of producing music or singing also has potential therapeutic effects to improve overall wellness.

These are good enough health reasons for you to start shopping for the best karaoke system in Singapore.  Especially with the Covid-19 pandemic confining us at home, having home karaoke sessions with your family can be a great way to bring on the happy vibes and keep your bond closer.

3. Confidence Booster 

It may be hard to believe but your karaoke home entertainment system is a confidence booster that releases your inhibitions and gives you the freedom to be who you want to be. 

Whether you can carry a tune or not, singing along with a karaoke set with songs from your favourite singers easily distracts the mind from negative thoughts and helps you get up on your soapbox without reservation.  With this ability to sing in front of friends and family, don’t be surprised if you quickly find more confidence at work, social events or amongst strangers.  

4. A Great Social Activity 

Singing along with others is a great way to build camaraderie with friends and colleagues. It allows everyone to engage with one another with a fun activity, despite age or status. 

In 2016, a study that involved 375 adults found that people who sang together in a group tend to exhibit a higher sense of wellbeing and meaningful connection than those who sang alone.  Primarily, singing or playing music as a group induces oxytocin, a neurochemical love hormone that is released when people feel bonded together.  

If you’re planning team-building activities, don’t forget to include karaoke as part of the event because there’ll be a great sense of esprit de corps when the team sings together. 

5. Good for All Ages  

Singing is not just great for family bonding, but also has health benefits for both young and old. The University of Nottingham discovered that elders with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia showed signs of improved memory when they sing.  Some elderlies even recalled lost memories when they sang songs they were familiar with.

On the other hand, children who start singing at a young age tend to develop a good sense of rhythm and musical talent.  Because singing requires a certain level of breath work, children who sing can more easily increase their lung capacity, strengthen their respiratory system, and improve immunity. 

Make Karaoke Your Hobby Today 

With so much goodness that comes with singing, there is no reason not to make karaoke a hobby for you and your family. If you haven’t got a karaoke set, visit MB Karaoke now to shop for the best karaoke system in Singapore and be spoilt for choice by the wide range of professional home systems and packages available!