7 Types of Karaoke Singers in Singapore: Which Type Are You?

Are you a home karaoke enthusiast who is always excited to channel your inner Celine Dion or Michael Bublé? Or perhaps you’re more like an inspired K-pop star who can sing and make all the right dance moves when the karaoke system starts playing? If you’re not sure what type of singer you are, check out the following list. One of them is most likely to reflect your singing style.

1. The Superstar 

When you turn on your home karaoke system, you’re immediately transformed like a diva standing on centre stage. You know full well that no one (in the living room) can perform like you. You’re a show stopper who receives standing ovations from your audience no matter what songs you sing from your karaoke system package. Don’t be shy to dress the part at your next karaoke session; you deserve all the limelight and admiration! 

2. The Mic Hogger 

Before you know it, you’ve exhausted all the songs in the karaoke system package – all by yourself! Time passes so fast whenever you have friends over to sing with the best karaoke system in Singapore. But wait, did you indulge your singing pleasure so much that you lined up the entire playlist with your favourite songs but forgot to let your guests have a go at your home karaoke system? 

3. The Rapper Wannabe 

You know every song from Eminem to Machine Gun Kelly. You can even remember every lyric from Missy Elliott’s albums from back in the 90s. That’s how obsessed you are about rapping. No ballads or mainstream pop hits will make it to your playlist in your home karaoke system – those are boring stuff that will not pique your interest. You prefer to wow your audience with awe-provoking rapping that not everyone can master. 

4. The Dancer 

Having the best karaoke system in Singapore is not as much of a concern for you as having a comprehensive dance-pop list that lets you choreograph your dance moves along with your singing. Your home karaoke sessions are not likely to be plain singing. Chances are, you will allow your body to express the rhythm and beat of your favourite tune and entertain your audience with a mix of hip-thrust, body wiggles and finger dance. How refreshing!

5. The Screamer

You can’t help but sing-scream like Chester Bennington of Linkin Park’s and Amy Lee of Evanescence because your vocal is meant for powerhouse numbers that can turn heads. The average songs in your karaoke system in Singapore are not your go-to numbers; only those that let you amplify your voice like Christina Aguilera’s are going to cut it. You’re not the average singer, so don’t be surprised if you hear applause coming from blocks away.

6. The Shy One 

Even if you don’t mind researching where to buy a karaoke system in Singapore or hosting a karaoke session because you love social gatherings, that doesn’t mean you enjoy singing in front of an audience. Whether you carry a tune or not, you dread the possibility of embarrassing yourself.  What if you can’t hit a note?  What if you go out of tune?  You’ll much prefer to sing along with others so that you don’t draw attention to yourself.   

7. The One Who Cannot Stop Giggling

It’s not that you picked funny songs from your karaoke system in Singapore, but somehow you can’t help giggling whenever you have to sing in front of your friends. Perhaps you’re embarrassed or just tickled by how everyone looks whenever you sing. Whatever the reason, blending your giggles with your singing often makes you the most entertaining performer for the night.   

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