5 Top Karaoke Myths, Debunked

People seem to have a love-hate affair with home karaoke – it is either they love it or hate it. Sadly, many of the negative biases are due to myths that are triggered by false tales and prejudices. Don’t be fooled by untrue rumours – home karaoke is a fun activity that not only brings families and friends together but can also bring a whole host of benefits to enrich the body, mind and soul. 

The next time you hear these five myths, just crank up your home karaoke system and ignore the naysayers. 

Myth 1: You can’t sing karaoke at home. 

The old school thinkers perceive karaoke as entertainment that is restricted to lounges and bars. However, with the advancement in technologies, there are so many home karaoke systems on the market that’ll let you enjoy high-quality sounds, even with portable karaoke equipment. Do a quick search on the MB Karaoke website, and you’ll find some of the best home karaoke setups to suit different needs.

In fact, home karaoke has been around since the 1980s, when the first Laser Karaoke home equipment was developed.  Since then, karaoke has been an indispensable part of home entertainment for many people across different cultures and countries. 

Myth 2: Karaoke serves no purpose. 

Anyone who has ever enjoyed a karaoke session will know that it is not just a fun activity to bond with people. Singing is a great way to help people let their hair down and feel more open to engaging with others. This is because singing helps to induce oxytocin in the body, a chemical that regulates our emotional responses and pro-social behaviours to bond more closely with others through positive communication.

If that’s not enough, working out the vocals with the best home karaoke setup has also proven to improve one’s mood and overall well-being too. A study has even found that frequent karaoke singing can help improve cognitive skills, tongue pressure and respiratory function! 

Myth 3: Karaoke is not for kids. 

Karaoke is not just an activity for adults; it is also one that is enjoyable for children. Haven’t you noticed that most kids enjoy singing and dancing? The next time you organise a home karaoke session with a complete set of karaoke mixers, amplifiers and soundbar, don’t forget to invite the little ones along. They’ll love to dance to the rhythm of each song and even do a solo gig to entertain you.

Besides the fun and laughter, letting kids sing in front of an audience is a great way to help them build confidence.  The National Academy of Sciences has also found that exposing children to music is a brilliant way to develop their motor skills and structural brain changes.  

Myth 4: Karaoke is only for people who can sing. 

Unless it is a karaoke contest where the best singer wins, there are no rules saying that only divas can enjoy a karaoke session.  Karaoke is supposed to be fun and enjoyable.  For leisure karaoke singers, it is not so much about hearing their voices through the karaoke soundbar and speaker but more about relieving stress and sharing a good time with friends.  There is also no harm in inviting those who refuse to sing in front of a crowd too.  Most people who think they can’t sing wouldn’t mind singing along with others as long as they are not holding the mic.

Myth 5: Karaoke is expensive. 

It is true that visiting karaoke lounges every week can be a costly affair. However, if you invest in a home karaoke system, you can significantly reduce the cost and make your karaoke hobby pretty affordable and convenient. How affordable? You can own a karaoke amplifier at as low as $89 or a complete karaoke system with a karaoke mixer, speaker and microphone at $499.

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