5 Surprising Health Benefits of Singing Karaoke

If you think karaoke home entertainment is merely good for fun and laughter, you couldn’t be more wrong. Many researchers around the world have found that singing can go beyond entertaining to offer a myriad of health benefits to improve the body, mind and soul. So, the next time you send out an invite for a home karaoke session, let your guests know that you’re not only hosting a fun-filled karaoke for family and friends but also one that improves their health and wellness!  

1. Natural stress reliever 

Crank up your home karaoke entertainment system because singing can do more than put you in the limelight; it can be a great stress reliever too! Studies have shown that singing can regulate our mood and stress levels to improve one’s mental health. It was observed that after singing, a person’s cortisol, oxytocin and beta-endorphin levels tend to drop while their levels of cytokines increase.  

Scientists at the University of Frankfurt in Germany also found that singing increases hydrocortisone, an anti-stress hormone. In simple terms, singing, whether with a karaoke system for home use or a group choir, can improve your psychological state and break the chain of negative thoughts. Next time you feel stressed, just sing.

2. Boosts immunity 

If lifting your mood is not enough reason for you to organise a home karaoke for family and friends, perhaps learning that singing can boost the immune system and help everyone stay off illnesses may change your mind. A clinical trial has found that those who sing tend to experience higher levels of immunoglobulin A, which is effective for fending off infections.  

Many studies done over the years have also suggested that people who sing are healthier than those who don’t.  Singing is said to help release more endorphins into the body, give the lungs a good workout and tone both abdominal and intercostal muscles. Furthermore, singing tends to make a person breathe deeper while taking in more oxygen to improve aerobic capacity and release tensions in the muscles. 

3. Promotes positive emotions 

Singing triggers endorphin release, and this hormone is helpful for increasing positive emotions and lifting our moods.  Interestingly, a study published in 2012 derived that the rise in endorphins after singing can even help to raise pain tolerance!  

The feel-good effect of singing doesn’t stop there. Singing or playing music induces Oxytocin, a neurochemical love hormone that is effective for building relationships and bonding with others. This is why whenever a group of people uses a home karaoke set for singing and playing together, they can quickly relate to one another and build closer friendships. 

4. Lowers blood pressure 

According to Harvard Medical School, singing two songs is enough to decrease a person’s blood pressure significantly.  Combined with the fact that singing is helpful for stress relief, the act of producing music or singing has significant therapeutic effects on treating even preoperative hypertension patients who were unresponsive to aggressive pharmacologic interventions.  

What’s most interesting is that singing can very quickly bring down blood pressure, and the effect can stay for several hours even after the singing stops.  That said, if you have family members or friends with high blood pressure, make sure to organise regular home karaoke sessions for them.  You’ll not only make their hearts feel lighter, but their blood pressure will settle down faster too. 

5. Improves overall mental wellbeing 

When it comes to mental wellness, nothing helps strengthen the mind like singing.  Reportedly, people with mental health conditions who were enrolled in singing programmes experienced tremendous improvements in their mental health, self-esteem and sense of belonging after those singing workshops.  If you’re easily stressed or often feel less than confident in front of others, regular karaoke home entertainment can be a promising intervention to help you overcome your fear and help you feel better about yourself. 

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