How To Sing Karaoke Like A Pro: The Complete Guide For Beginners

No one ever starts off singing like a pro. Everyone must combine a large dose of practice with a huge amount of passion before they can become a good singer.  This is the same for home karaoke singing.  Singing in the shower is not going to get you anywhere, instead, try these useful tips and you’ll be having the best time of your life belting out your favourite tunes with your home karaoke set. 

1. Breathe 

The first step to singing like a pro is using the right breathing technique. Before you sing, prep yourself with deep inhales and exhales to stay relaxed.  Then, learn to breathe deeply to fill up your stomach and then use this air to support your voice while singing.  The trick is to catch your breath quietly in between sentences to make your singing sound effortless yet powerful.  With enough practice with your home karaoke system, you’ll find the perfect way to let your breath enhance your singing. 

2. Keep practising 

Take the advice from stage director Chuck Hudson, it is a mistake to go into a performance and  “wait for the miracle to happen.” Practice makes perfect, even if you don’t have much time for practising at karaoke joints, at least practise with your home karaoke machine regularly to improve your vocal and breathing techniques.  Alternatively, singing along with Spotify or Youtube can be a great way to train your vocal too. No matter how busy you are, insist on practising every day, even if it is one song a day. 

3. Invest in a good home karaoke machine 

Investing in a good home karaoke system not only lets you enjoy fun home karaoke sessions with friends and family but also lets you practise regularly and conveniently. Additionally, a good quality home karaoke set is essential for training your voice to meet your desired standard.  This is because karaoke for home use is designed to let you hear your authentic voice without distortion so that you can train your vocal more accurately to achieve the standard you want.  You can even record yourself singing and listen back to identify where you have gone wrong then correct the flaw accordingly. 

4. Choose the right song 

We all have different vocal ranges.  Not everyone can sing a high note like Whitney Houston and very few can belt it out as powerfully as Pavarotti. When practising on your home karaoke machine, try to understand where your comfortable vocal range is, then choose songs that fall within it. That way, you can optimise your voice and sing more impressively without straining yourself or sounding awkward.  

If your voice is naturally low, select songs from artists who sing in similar keys. If you are a natural soprano, there is no harm in trying a few numbers from Celine Dion or Marie Carey when you sing karaoke for your family.  

5. Learn some mic techniques 

Don’t be afraid to hold your karaoke microphone closer to their mouth. It’ll help to home karaoke set pick up your voice more clearly.  As a rule of thumb, hold your mic 10 to 20 centimetres away from your mouth when you sing. When you sing louder or hit higher notes, gradually increase the distance to 20 centimetres.

In addition, make sure you are directly singing into the microphone. This is the only way that your vocal can be fully projected through the home karaoke system.  If you don’t, the projection of your vocal will become inconsistent throughout the song, which can greatly affect the quality of your performance. 

6. Have fun 

The most important part about singing well is to enjoy the entire process. Have fun and don’t be shy or afraid to make mistakes.  When you exude confidence and genuine joy in your performance, your audience is more likely to join in the fun than count the number of mistakes you’ve made.  Don’t let it feel like a competition, karaoke for home use is meant to be fun, so let your hair down and sing to your heart’s content. 

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