Your Guide To Buying The Best Microphone For Home Karaoke In Singapore

Having a good karaoke microphone can make a world of difference when you are belting out your favourite tunes. Whether you’re looking to step up on your home karaoke game or want to impress your friends, having a proper karaoke microphone will bring your voice quality up a notch and win you countless praises.

Tips for Choosing the Best Karaoke Microphone

So, how do you begin looking for a karaoke microphone in Singapore? Here are some tips to help you pick the perfect microphone for your home karaoke sessions:

Consider your needs

Before you start shopping around Singapore for a microphone, you must first determine the features and the number of units you need.  List them down according to your needs and use them as a reference to help you narrow down your search.  Importantly, be realistic about the features you are looking for because there is no need for concert-quality specifications if you are merely looking for a good quality karaoke microphone for home entertainment.  Conversely, if you intend to use the microphone to record your music or create a demo track, you may want to invest in one that gives your voice a professional quality.

Determine your budget

Now that you have a list of features you want, the next step is to determine an affordable budget.  Fortunately, there is a wide range of karaoke microphones in the Singapore market at reasonable prices that won’t break the bank. Note that wireless karaoke microphones are usually pricier than wired ones, so if you are on a tight budget, wired microphones may be the way to go. Also, keep in mind that it will definitely be more costly if you are looking to get several microphones for group entertainment. Once again, consider your needs and align your budget accordingly.

Check your karaoke machine’s compatibility

Another factor to consider is your karaoke machine’s compatibility. Your new karaoke microphone must be compatible with your karaoke system before it can work seamlessly. This means you have to do some research to understand what works and what doesn’t. Does your karaoke system have Bluetooth compatibility to accommodate a wireless karaoke microphone?   Is there a limit to the number of microphones that can be connected to your karaoke system?  Make sure to have all the answers before going shopping for your microphones.

Wired vs Wireless Karaoke Microphones

Should I go for a wireless or wired microphone? This is a common question that many people ask themselves when buying a microphone in Singapore. While wired microphones are typically more affordable than their wireless counterparts, there are many reasons why you should consider a wireless microphone. For one, it is so much easier to move around with wireless microphones without those cumbersome cables. Messy wires are also a potential safety hazard that you don’t want to be tripping over at your karaoke party!

Best Microphones for Home Karaoke

Ready to make your purchase?Here are four different models of wireless karaoke microphones with great features and at various price points that may pique your interest:

PRO MASTER HIGH QUALITY UHF Wireless Microphone PM-886 (2pcs)

This pair of wireless microphones are perfect for cosy and casual duets at home. If you are looking for cost-efficient microphones with exceptional performance, this set is for you. Going at S$800 a pair (usual S$1,000), we think it is a worthy investment!

PRO MASTER HIGH QUALITY UHF Wireless Microphone PM-888 (2pcs)

This pro-series dual-channel wireless microphone set is designed with serious karaoke singers and audiophiles in mind.  The microphones are a popular choice due to their studio-like high-performance sound quality and crystalline tones.  This set is currently on sale at S$1,000 (usual S$1,299) with a one-year warranty.

PRO MASTER HIGH QUALITY UHF Wireless Microphone PM-889 (4pcs)

This pro-series wireless set comes with four high-performance microphones that produce studio-like vocal quality to give every karaoke gathering an elevated experience.  This set is currently on sale at S$1,200 (usual S$1,499) with a one-year warranty.

Need more help with selecting the best karaoke microphone for your needs? Reach out to the MB Karaoke team today.

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