How to Throw an Unforgettable New Year’s Karaoke Party at Home

Planning to host the most unforgettable home karaoke party at home to welcome the new year?  There are a few tips and tricks that you need to know before you can get the best home karaoke setup for your beloved ones to sing their hearts out.  Read on to find out. 

1. Get your home karaoke setup right 

Which karaoke speaker is the best for home karaoke?  How do you even connect the karaoke amplifier? Setting up a home karaoke system can be a mammoth task if you are unfamiliar with the whole host of karaoke equipment.  Let’s break it down to find out which are the essential items that you’ll need to make your party a blast.


One of the most important pieces of karaoke equipment that needs careful consideration is the microphone for singing.  If you’re planning to have a mass sing-along session, you must prepare a few microphones so that there are enough for everyone to share.  Are your singing buddies an active bunch who love to dance at a home karaoke party? If yes, consider a home karaoke system that can accommodate wireless microphones to prevent anyone from tripping over wires.


The best home karaoke setup should have a good karaoke speaker and karaoke soundbar that can amplify the best quality music and vocals of your singing buddies.  Don’t just make do with the subpar sound quality from a regular speaker.  Always choose to use karaoke speakers instead of home theatre speakers because the former is designed to support live singing and put your guests’ performance in the best light.   


Next, select a karaoke amplifier, also known as a karaoke mixer, that will work its magic to combine audio inputs from different sources like that of microphone, instruments and other music players to produce brilliant singing performances.  Karaoke mixers are packed with functions that can change the dynamics of audio. They are capable of augmenting the volume, bass and sharpness to enhance sound features that can make even an amateur singer sound like a trained vocalist. 

2. Have a wide variety of karaoke music genres 

The best home karaoke party must cater to the different tastes and preferences of every guest.  This means your home karaoke system must be packed with a wide genre of music so that everyone will get a chance to participate in your New Year party. If you’re looking for a home karaoke system package with the best selection of songs, check out MB Karaoke. It has the latest karaoke songs in many languages and genres with a user-friendly interface software where you can pick and queue your favourite songs easily.  You’ll even receive lifetime updates via the internet – for free!

3. Set the mood with some fun decor & props

Every successful home karaoke party needs to have the right décor and lighting to create an ambiance that can get everyone in the mood for singing.  Even if you can’t deck your home like a Seoul karaoke bar, try dimming the hall lights and experimenting with lightings like galaxy lamp projectors or soft LED lamps.  They are relatively cheap and easy to install.  To add to the fun, prepare a variety of entertaining props such as costumes and handheld photo props.  The right props and lighting can easily get all your guests in the mood to sing along and feel less shy about showing off their vocal talent.  

4. Do a trial run before the karaoke party 

Do a trial run with your karaoke equipment before the party to ensure your home karaoke system is in tip-top condition.  Double-check the sound by singing with the microphone and making necessary adjustments to the karaoke mixer until the audio quality is perfected.  Also, consider setting a general playlist with your friends’ favourite karaoke tracks so that you don’t have to waste time searching for songs on the day of the event.  If everyone is up for it, turning the karaoke party into a competition with different teams competing to win points with their singing can be a load of fun too. 

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